What started as an idea from the Rescue Strong community has turned into a functional way to help "advertise" adoptable dogs while out on day trip outings or with their foster parents. 

Love the backpack, get so many compliments and questions about my foster pup!

by Julie R.

The Move to Cost

When the Day Trip Packs originally debuted they were met with a great response from the community. The packs had been out for a couple weeks when individuals and organizations began to request and offer up donations. Organizations wanted to know if they could receive donations or a lower cost on the packs, and individuals wanted to know how they could donate. Since these packs are cut and sewn to order by the manufacturer we work with, the cost is relatively high. But as the need from the community was so high, and many people wanted to donate, I decided to remove all profit from the bags and reduce them to cost to get as many out in the community as possible. 

In order to pair organizations with individuals that want to donate, our Director of Giving, Francesca suggested creating a list people could work from to donate packs to organizations in need. The list is now posted here. I'll do my best to keep up with the requests and donations, but if you've donated one (or more!) to an organization in need just email me at hello@rescuestrong.com and I would LOVE to add your name to the donor list. It's important to recognize your generosity, so PLEASE let me do it!

If you would like to get on the donation recipient list, see below. If you would like to donate a pack or two just find an organization you want to donate to, check if they have design preferences, and use their mailing address when you check out. Please note that all items will be shipped to one address, so please purchase donation items and any items for yourself separately. 

How to Get on The List


Email hello@rescuestrong.com your mailing address where donors will send your packs


Include your design preference (if any) and number of packs you are requesting. 

Spread the Word

Sharing our list with your community is the best way to get your requests filled.