About Us

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Hi, my name is CJ(@cjiro on instagram) and I run things here at Rescue Strong. What initially started as a place to run fundraisers has grown into a little shop. This is what I do in the hours after my real job and has been one giant (exciting) learning experience. My passion is for rescue and design, and Rescue Strong fulfills both. 
These two are the inspiration behind everything you see here. Luna, our rescue and Lincoln, my son. They inspire me every day to create something that will make tomorrow a better place. Rescue Strong is a one person shop, but these two are the heart and soul of the operation. 
I try my best to keep up with orders, but please excuse me if it takes a couple days to ship something out. I try to pack a little something in each order and hope everything is worth the wait. 
Thank you for your support of what we are trying to accomplish here - Rescue On!