Rescue Strong Sticker Pack Volume 2


YOU MUST MAKE A DONATION TO Felines & Canines Rescue Center TO COMPLETE YOUR ORDER. Instructions below. 

• Pack includes a collection of 9 of our designs in sticker form. 

In support of Felines & Canines Rescue Center, we are sending out this Rescue Strong Sticker Pack Volume 2. In order to receive the pack you must:

• Complete the order here. It's free here, just asking you cover the $5 shipping and handling.

• Make a minimum direct donation of $15(per pack) to Felines & Canines Rescue Center   and forward the receipt to - in your email please include your order number. If you order 2 packs, it's a minimum  $30, 3 packs - minimum $45, etc.

• Once both steps are completed I'll send out your pack!

 Thanks for your support of organizations making the world a better place to live in.