A Purposeful Rescue Magical Unicorn Spot


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We are teaming up with A Purposeful Rescue and the Lulu Group to offer up 16 spots on the next “All My Best Friends are Magical Unicorns” tee. 

The original design featured 16 APR alumni, and in this next version we are offering spots on the design for 16 of YOUR pups to be turned into magical unicorns. The dog has to be from a rescue or shelter organization, and Rescue Strong and A Purposeful Rescue reserve the right to deny a spot to a dog if necessary.

To claim a spot, add one spot below to your cart and checkout. Once all 16 are gone, they are gone! We ask that each person only claim one spot. Once you have claimed a spot here, you will need to make a minimum $100 donation to A Purposeful Rescue via their website. You are of course welcome to donate more, but the minimum is $100. Do not make a donation until you have received the order confirmation from us, as their are only 16 spots available.

After all 16 are chosen we will reach out for photos and create the art. Once the design is finished, the design will be available on www.apurposefulrescue.org in January.