Request a Donation Piece CLOSED



All requests take 4-5 weeks to complete and must be done via the form below. If it says that requests are closed please do not email me as they will most likely be missed! Most are done in a week or so but since I take a bunch of requests at one time and do them in between projects I ask for 4-5 weeks to complete them. 

For a mini-edit(the two bottom photos) the minimum donation amount is $30. 

For a painted-style edit(the two top photos) the minimum donation amount is $40.

If you want both styles you can make a minimum donation of $55

There are three spots available for a painted style edit, a tote bag with that edit, and a mug with that edit on it. Each spot is minimum of $100. 

Once you fill out the form, I will contact you to confirm you made it on the list. Once that is done you will make a donation to the cause directly (not to me) and need to forward me the donation receipt. Please do not make a donation until I have confirmed you on the list for the round.

The cause that you can make a donation to for this round (November 12th) is:

Thank you.