MISPRINT - You Are Enough Women's Hoodie Dress

MISPRINT - You Are Enough Women's Hoodie Dress


We received a round of this design from our printer that has the sleeve prints misprinted. Instead of the inside of the cuff, they are printed on the outside of the cuff, so wouldn't be visible like a lot of the social media posts. The front and back prints are the same and properly printed. 

Dogs make you feel like enough.

That’s the great thing about them, they see you for you. They don’t see what you’ve been in your past, or what you could be in the future, they see you. Little ol’ you.
They don’t care about your past or your mistakes. They heal. They support. They love. They can lift your whole world up with a little tail wag or a flick of the tongue.

Lots of times they’ll even forgive the wrongs that have been done to them by others of your kind. Things that no one should be forgiven for. Sometimes it takes time. Sometimes it takes patience. A lot of times it takes love.

We ask so much of them. Too often when they aren’t given the time, the patience, or simply the love, they are given up. Given up on. Abandoned.

How different the world would be if more people told them they were enough. But that’s the great thing about dogs, they make you feel like enough, even when you don’t.

Thank you to everyone in the rescue community that feels like dogs are enough. Don’t forget that you are too.

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