Random Act of Rescue Love and Rescue Charm


These charms are free in the shop, but in order to claim one you must commit a Random Act of Rescue. Here's how to claim your charm. 

1. Commit your act of rescue. It can be anything. Make a donation. Foster. Adopt. Talk to a stranger about rescue. Transport. If you are unsure, just reach out! It can be big, or it can be small :) 

2. Take a photo and make a post about you committing your act of rescue. On instagram, tag @rescuestrongco in the photo and caption and write about your act of rescue. The longer the better, we are aiming to promote rescue, and all the different ways you can get involved. 

3. Take a screenshot of the post, and forward it to hello@rescuestrong.com with your order # and the subject, "My Random Act of Rescue"

Charm Details: 

Rubber charm in red - about 1" in height. Key ring attached to top.