All My Best Friends Are Dogs Luggage Tag


Measures approximately 4" x 2.4" and made of soft PVC. Includes a paper name card insert on the opposite side. 

Rescue Strong was born from the rescue community. The 16 pups featured here are all rescue advocates and can be found on their individual instagram accounts: 

1. Suki from @tuff_sausage
2. Milo from @mysterypibble 
3. Wally from @wallyt_loves_evab 
4. Rocco from @roccothepitbull 
5. Owen from @ohhelloowen 
6. Malibu from @malibusmama 
7. Laker from @lifewithlaker 
8. Moe from @trooperandmoe 
9. Cosmo from @cosmo.the.boxer 
10. Luna from @cjiro
11. Biggie from @ratsnoot
12. Ohlin from @theadventuresofohlinandluna 
13. Nug from @curly.n.mags.corner 
14. Beebs from @thewhitestpupsyouknow 
15. Hyena from @bootsandricoandcap 
16. Bama from @must_love_dogs_pitsky