Why do you choose to rescue?

Why do you choose to rescue?

Rescue Strong exists because of the community. Soon this blog will feature posts from the rescue community about various topics but to kick things off I wanted to post some recent replies when I asked "why do you choose to rescue?" 

Here is what some of our rescue community said: 

marlyseb - Because all senior dogs deserve a comfy couch & an amazing family.

kellerdoghouse - We don't think twice about the fact that we, as humans, don't come from the "perfect" family. Nor do we expect others to judge us for having quirks or minor flaws, nor would we judge our children for those things. Yet, many people feel like they need a "perfect" dog from a "special" lineage with a celebratory pedigree for that animal to have value. I rescue because I have learned that was is true for humans is also the for animals -- perhaps even more so. Beauty hides in the quirks, perfection in the flaws. From that place of acceptance and growth comes the type of unconditional love we all yearn for. I feel blessed every day to have a house filled with rescue animals who, in their uniqueness, created our home.

siobhanbomb - I choose to rescue because there are kennels full of different personalities and the perfect match is waiting.

hesjustaboyd - Rescue actually chose me! I saw Boyd online after my boyfriend suggested me adopt. After that, and meeting fellow rescue/adoption friends, my life has completely changed for the better. I rescue because I believe in my heart that it's the right thing to do, knowing what I know now. I have Boyd to thank for my knowledge of this world. I am now involved DAILY in rescue by bottle feeding kittens, fostering, advocating, volunteering, etc. I rescue because it saves lives and I don't think there is anything more valuable in this world than aiding in, and/or saving a life.

gideonandkorratherescuepibbles - Some days (like today) I have no idea why I do this. Some days (like today) I have to euthanize one of my favorites (granted I am VERY lucky to manage a shelter with a 97% save rate, but it still sucks). Some days (like today) I look in the mirror in the morning and go "why in the HELL do you do this to yourself?!? You must be insane. Who wants to put themselves through this emotional roller coaster of adoptions and returns and abuse and neglect." But then I realize THAT is why I do it. Because yeah, its hard and yeah some days suck. But MOST days, I get to see both a family and animal's life improve simply because they found each other. MOST days I work to make the world a better place for the animals in my care. MOST days I get to go to work and do something I am BEYOND passionate about and know that this is where I am supposed to be. MOST days there is no better feeling than seeing a cat who has been on your books for 475 days go through the front door to their new home. I do it for the most days. Because yeah, those some days (like today, I'll see you at the Rainbow Bridge Birdie) SUCK and they make you question everything, but most days I couldn't ever imagine doing anything else.

zenrebelbuddha - My parents saved ( or attempted to ) every creature that they found. From rabbits to birds, deer, and dogs in need. No matter how busy life was, my parents stopped to help and made rescue a priority. It's in my blood. The over population and the number of dogs in need drive me to work harder to give back. How can these sweet souls be discarded? I believe every sentient being deserves love and care. I won't rest until we find a solution. And I've never met a fellow rescuer that I didn't like! My people ❤️🐾
janjan712- Rescues /shelters are the animals that need homes the most! Everyone should only adopt and not shop with an open heart

janjan712I - will always rescue and love them like my own babies 💕❤️ and they are potty trained 😂😂

malibusmama - We chose to rescue because we knew how many deserving animals are waiting for their second chance. We knew we had to give one a home of their own and show them that although all they may have known in thier prior life was neglect, abuse or worse... they mattered. We never planned to adopt when we did, but everything has worked out just as it should. We've given eachother exactly what we needed when we needed it and beyond. ❤ Volunteering is how we found our special girl and without it we would have never met Mu.

mondeambiant- We rescue because after my spouse died, we needed love. First Coda then my beloved Gryphon who has crossed the rainbow bridge. Then our big girl Noomi who was not technically a "rescue" but who the kids saw in a window and couldn't fathom seeing her in a box. New spouse brought new loves. Our little Oliver was a mange dog found walking the streets. We fell in love. We rounded our little family out with Miss Sugar our pretty pitty that was in a cage and used for breeding. Our next step is a farm with enough space to foster. We rescue because it's the right thing to do and the abundance of love is undeniable. ♡
yallop89 - Me and my husband wanted a friend for our boy we've had since a pup. We went to rescue and had a look at a little 1 year old small mixed breed (so cute!) The rescue then suggested they have the perfect match for Parsley and brought out Poopy. A 4 tear old staffy with mirrored patches. They got on fine and so we decided (although we didn't come in for another staffy) we would take her as she would be more difficult to re-home. 1 year in and they still sleep on each other!

kellimook - that whole " who rescued who" thing? it's real ... i know, because it sleeps under the covers with me every night!! ♥️ 🐾 i know she had a shitty past, but it's just that ... her past!! #fosterfail

enerihoo - Because there are no words to describe how much your heart explodes with emotions knowing that you can/are making a difference in their life & yours too....

haliewestphoto - I rescue because it means saving a life and helping reverse a problem that we have created. It means giving those who deserve it another chance at life. It also means finding your best friend!

jacksterthegreat - If I don't help, then who will and when. I was always taught that you can talk about doing all kinds of things in life but it doesn't really matter until you transform words into actions. I give a voice to the voiceless & stand up for what is right! I work hard everyday so my dogs can have a better life (and endless Benebones) & so that I may pass it forward to those in need!

jacksterthegreat - And I will continue to rescue until the day that we don't have to anymore and it will be a great day!

clark_kensington - We rescue because no dog should ever have to live a life without love! ❤️

mirjamdownunder - My boxer Pepper passed away and I knew I needed another furry friend. I was working a lot, so I wasn't able to get a puppy, which was fine with me. I was looking for boxers first, but there were no suitable ones for me at the time. And that's when I saw the fabulous Miss Anne on the net and the rest is history! 💕💕

gimmethecreeps - Because I used to be one of those idiots that would see the dogs in the pictures and say "somebody, do something!" And then I finally realized I was somebody, and I was the one who had to do something. 3 years later, I can say with total clarity that it's the best "something" I've ever done.

my_minnie_moo_- To save more lives. I will never and could never buy a dog from a breeder, not even by a "mistake pregnancy"... I will never see eye to eye with those that choose to get a dog from a breeder rather than a rescue.

autmo83 - I feel it is my calling to help animals. From a young age I have been coming across animals in need and helping them. My most current rescue is a kitten who was dumped in my neighborhood. I also have a rescued Alaskan malamute and 2 other rescue cats. I can't imagine a life that doesn't involve saving animals.

june_and_todd - It's hard to try to narrow down a simple question with so much depth. I adopt because I think about all the puppies people take home and dump once they get big and need attention, mental stimulation, training. I adopt because there are people who say they don't have time, they're tired of the dog hair or they're moving and can't take the dog after having it for years. That they need to "get rid of" said dog. I adopt because of the thousands of perfectly good companions put to sleep every year for no reason other than they run out of time or space at a shelter. I adopt because my shelter puppy changed my world Save a life and PS rescued dogs usually come spayed/neutered, vaccinated and microchipped 🙌🏼

monicak.marshall - Quite frankly, it makes my heart happy. I love my pound puppies to the moon & back

thedustydingo - I chose to rescue out of love, I wanted to give a dog a second chance to live life and be happy doing so. However, I have have chosen to rescue but Dusty sure chose me and my family. And much as I think I'm teaching her, she is teaching me so much more. She makes my heart feel happy and I hope I do the same to her. ❤

megspeaks - I rescued because there is a huge amount of strays on this tiny island of mine and as much as I'd like to save them ALL, he's one less pittie on the streets and a spoiled rotten brat. All dogs should be spoiled rotten and loved loved loved.

nolaandcompany - Because quite simply put, rescues are the best dogs ever. I know it sounds silly but they know. And appreciate and reciprocate the love right back. My first dog, Chloe, was my first rescue and she was at the end of her line before we stumbled through that shelter that day. It was fate. Time after time. God proved to me that she belonged in my life and it just never stopped. When I started my "real job" managing a veterinary hospital in a parish with very little animal control options for people, it hit me in the face time and time again and our pack quickly grew to five. Not to mention the countless others I've had the pleasure of helping along the way....we saw so many who didn't make it, it's hard to swallow because they are so innocent but the ones you CAN help, oh they are so good. We're down one now but will find another perfect soul (how could we not, as many as there are). How could you not want to help some of the sweetest souls that ever walked this planet? That is why I rescue. I wish people knew there is a rescue group for just about every breed/"designer" breed etc out there...you just have to look. There is not a breed or type of mix that is NOT looking for a home right now. Be their person. Because they've either never had it or had a crappy one.

mnshajj - Because each time they save my life not am only the one who saves there life

aleishawesleyviau - Too many reasons to list ❤

stayclassy__sandiego - Because even old souls deserve love.

thevandogdiaries - Rescue is not just about saving one life - it's about changing lives - it's a lifestyle, it's infectious. I rescued one dog - this opened my eyes to a whole new world I made new friends , I rescued a second dog who literally had no chance - made more new friends - now I foster and have an impact on many dogs and lives. I was shy before but rescue has put me out there to the world - I educate the public on the importance of rescue and I have changed lives for furry friends and made some wonderful new lifelong friends. You don't need to adopt a dog or cat to say you rescue - it's so much more than that. Rescue is truly a lifestyle - and a lifestyle everyone deserves to enjoy once ❤️

fattopotamus - Simply, because they need us 💜

chrizzlp - I am a two time foster failure. I rescue because if I didn't, their heart would have stopped beating and they would never have known love or what it us to be part of a family. And I rescue because I need to, it's now part of who I am. A big part.

misslori_ot - It saves lives.

lamamounche - Pour rendre heureux un chien qui a été malheureux 😍

ghettorescue - Its a deep purpose, a calling. Real raw rescue.

i_am_the_beholder - Because it's the kind, compassionate, humane thing to do. It's hard to make a difference in this world sometimes, but this one was easy- save a life, give a dog or cat or hamster or whatever a home! They didn't ask to be born, we created the problem. Being part of the solution just feels like a no brainer ❤❤❤

giapia26 - I chose to rescue because it was the right thing to do and because I believe in second (and third and fourth and...) chances. While I am not a rescuer in the same ways as many of you... I do advocate and support and shout from the rooftops! I don't think there are enough words or ways to adequately answer such a rich and deep question but there does seem to be one common denominator: Love 💕. Have a great day everyone!

life_on_the_empty_rocker - Because you're not only rescuing them they are rescuing you. Because of my two rescues they have inspired me to now Foster dogs from the Utah Humane Society. I wanted to somehow give back and even though donations help a lot I wanted to do more.

bear.the.blind.pit - I rescue because every dog, regardless of breed or ability, deserves to live their life surrounded with love. No dog should be damned to die in a cage. Dogs are intelligent, loyal, loving creatures and they should be treated as such.

liamandlila - Because the most amazingly resilient foster dogs have walked through our door...and there were two I just couldn't let go. One because of her personality and intelligence (and she's now a therapy dog). The other because he had a lot of issues to work on and a lot to teach me.

sibliftcious - Because all dogs are inherently good and deserve to live and realize their potential even though the odds are stacked against them.

hanknhana - For the love of dog. ❤️

nini_nano - They give us unconditional love and they also deserve to know how being loved feels. ❤️

z_huntsman - We were all born to help, weather it be the environment, each other or those who cannot help themselves. The love you give will be returned tenfold 💚🐾

jgzgurl24 - I was raised in a home that never "bought" pets.... I was raised to rescue... and I'm no kid!!!!! As far back as the late 60's, my Mom always said that there were so many (at the pound) that needed homes...

westernheartstudio - Because they can't speak for themselves. And we control their environment.
focusonthefabulous - Because my ex got us a pitbull, and within a matter of days he shattered all stereotypes I ever held. And then this breed of dog became a social justice cause for me. And so full of love!

mml312 - Because ALL dogs deserve to be taken care of and a forever home full of love, regardless of their breed.

pnwmutts - I grew up with rescues and I always thought that's where you got a dog. I rescue because I wouldn't even think twice about finding a breeder because I love the variety I get with mutts! I highly respect those who dedicate their lives to be the voice for animals in shelters. I always wish I could do more to support them.

tenalokken - We rescue because it's the right thing to do. We are offended by the concept of buying a designer dog when so many wonderful dogs languish in cages waiting for someone to love. Our pit bull mix, Luke, reached out to us via email - abandoned, depressed, with kennel cough - at about one year old. 11 years later, we are still over the moon in love with this amazing dog! Rescue is the only choice for us!

acute.episodes - It keeps me sane! I'm an emergency department social worker and every workday I'm reminded how puppers and doggos are simply better than people. They are the purest of souls and just feel better when I'm helping them.

just.another.sara - I chose to rescue because I can't stand to see these dogs, helpless and alone. They've had such a rough life and I want them to be able to experience happiness and comfort.
sahamby - I didn't start out intending to rescue in my dog search, but ended up in a shelter to meet a dog. When the staff led me to the kennels I was instantly overwhelmed with the sound, the sheer number of dogs, and my heart broke. I started sobbing as I walked down the row, meeting dogs, reading their stories. Then I came to "Bear". She had been adopted in July and then returned. I asked the shelter staff if I could take her for a walk. She wasn't very interested in me, but enjoyed sniffing around. I promised her she would never be in a shelter again. I asked the staff to hold her and not put her back while I did the paperwork. The instant we stepped out of the shelter gate she stopped, looked at me intently for the first time and started jumping around like crazy. She rode the whole way home in the passenger seat with her head on the center console staring at me. Six years later, Ember is still the best decision I ever made. She is why I rescue.

chinapelada - I didn't grow up with a dog, but I always wanted one. Sadly in my home country pets are not a popular thing, very few people have them. When I moved to Canada the first thing I did was go to a Pet Store, I didn't know any better, but after talking to a friend about getting a dog, she luckily educated me about puppy mills and pet stores and pointed me in the right direction. Ever since then the two dogs that I've had have been rescues 💜they have been the most rewarding and loving experience of my life, Noah sadly passed away last year and Oliver have been with me for a year and we are looking forward to many more years together 😄🐶❤️

friday_fur_real - Rescue will always be my favorite breed. Volunteering at a shelter opened my eyes to just how many animals are in need of a warm, loving home. There is absolutely no reason why anyone should purchase a breeder dog when there are millions of dogs available in shelters (some are even pure bred). Regardless of their past, all dogs deserve a second chance in life. Our second rescue dog, Viernes, is living proof of this. Over a span of three years, she's grown from a fearful, aggressive dog to one who is confident and an absolute joy to be around! Giving up on her was never an option and I'm so glad we didn't.

zoeysplacerescue - Rescuing came to me one day when I spotted my first litter of kittens and mom hiding in the warehouse at work ...I had just taken this job and there it was ...one family at a time , one starving kitten at a time , I slowly built Zoey's Place rescue . Once I rescued my first surgery case , I knew I had found my calling . We have now specialized in critical and trauma cases and if anything , rescue has taught me the incomparable resilience of animals ... we often get cats on the brink of death and we are often told they would not make it but ...I push until every possible avenue has been explored and happy to say , we have some pretty amazing success stories. Rescue has taught be unconditional love , incredible patience and also sadness in knowing how cruel humans can be...I rescue because I become alive knowing I can make a difference ...I can make a change ...even for one life !

love.always.luna - ❤️ I choose to rescue because it's genuinely a part of who I am. Just like a second language, or a spiritual belief, that you are taught from a young age. For as long as I can remember, it has always been a part of our family. I am forever grateful to my parents for sharing their love and passion for animals with us. #rescueismyreligion

lifeofadogmom - Sometimes rescue just chooses you. I had been wanting a dog for a long time, when my husband finally caved and suggested me look at the local shelter. When Lola Jean looked at us, it was love at first sight. Ever since bringing her home about 3.5 yrs ago, she's shown us how grateful she is to have a second chance at life. She made me want to become an advocate for other rescue dogs.


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