Friday and Viernes

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“So . . . Jake is it? You’ve been a great waiter so far, really top notch. We would love to give you a nice tip, it’s just that we forgot our money at home. No pockets, go figure. So we were actually hoping you could just take us to the back and we can lick all the plates clean for you guys. You know, wash the dishes and what not. Seems fair.” — Friday and Viernes

Friday (R) and Viernes (L) were adopted from Southern California shelters. In 2010, I met Friday while volunteering at a small, local shelter. He was just eight months old at the time. One glance into his big brown eyes, and I knew he had to be mine. Friday has been a sweet, loyal companion for over six years and I can’t imagine my world without him.

In 2014, Viernes joined our family when Friday, my boyfriend, and I visited an adoption event. We weren’t planning to adopt another dog, but Viernes immediately stole our hearts and bonded with Friday. We learned that Labs and Friends Rescue rescued her from a county shelter hours before she was scheduled to be killed.

Unexpectedly, the first few months with Viernes were very challenging. We realized that she has fear-based aggression with humans and severe separation anxiety. However, giving up on her was not an option. Two years have now passed, and I’m happy to share that Viernes has made enormous progress. She’s learned to trust us, overcome many insecurities, and become a more confident, balanced dog. Viernes will always have her “quirks” but we’ve learned to embrace them and love her unconditionally.

Friday and Viernes are different in many ways, but they are both reminders that shelter dogs can be wonderful and loving, regardless of their past. They are proof that patience, guidance, and unconditional love really can go a long way. It’s because of them that I will always advocate for pets to be adopted, not bought.

You can follow Friday and Vierenes on instagram.

Labs and Friends is an animal rescue focused on urgent need dogs and cats from Los Angeles high-kill shelters. Additional information about the organization can be found on their website:



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