😭 From @kimacosta312 :

β€œIn May 2016, my then ex-boyfriend called me that he found an american bulldog roaming a busy road near my house. From the photos he sent, the poor girl was in rough shape. She had obviously been on her own a while. He brought her to my house -- and by then he had named her Cookie. We had intended that I would foster her, but after a few vet checks she became a foster failure and family member. From the moment she was found, she was ill. But the only contagious thing about her was an exuberant and loving personality. We were fortunate that our vet helped us with costs as we got her the surgery and medications she needed. She was happy despite the bumps in the road. Her sickness turned out to be cancer - terminal cancer -- and she was with us for only six short months. The day we said goodbye was one of the hardest in my life. But I am thankful; I learned more compassion from her than any other creature on this earth. It is because of her I started to volunteer with animal shelters and rescues. Her incredible attitude and silly nature led me to love harder. And her presence in our lives helped heal a broken relationship and led to a beautiful engagement. Thank you Cookie girl, we miss you.”

Thank you for sharing.Β