Bully Baloo

Being a pittie in the shelter system isn’t easy. You’re passed up often because of how you look, and no one even dares to give you a chance once they read “pitbull mix” on your adoption papers. A few days before I met my mom, a couple adopted me and then returned me the same day because I chased their cats. I was just excited; it was my first day out of the shelter and I wanted to have fun, but they didn’t even give me a chance. But everything happens for a reason, because the day after I was returned, I met my mama.

Mama was visiting shelters for fun because college kids don’t get to see dogs very often. She really wasn’t looking to adopt, but the moment we saw each other, we both knew. I barked, wiggled my bum, and smiled until my cheeks hurt, but mama couldn’t take me with her. When she left, my heart broke a little. A weekend had passed and no one took me home. I was starting to feel a little hopeless, but then mama came back! She looked just as surprised to see me as I was! This time, she took me outside for a really long time and was talking to someone on the phone about adoption papers and how absolutely sweet I was (well shucks, ma). She looked sad.

I wanted her to be happy. Again, mama had to leave. I didn’t want her to go. We sat in my kennel for a while holding hands because I didn’t want her to leave me again. The next day, she was back! I’d never seen the same person so many times! Each time I saw her, I got more excited than the last. Is this what I think it means? She left, and one of the volunteers came and put on my leash and walked me to the office. When the door opened, there she stood, with a brand new collar and leash and my very own teddy bear! I was so excited I couldn’t contain myself, and now I’m happy to say that I live with my mama and my three sisters, a tiny chihuahua and two kitties (who I don’t chase, thank you very much!). I couldn’t be fitting in better and I couldn’t be happier. Thank you for giving me a chance when no one else did, mama. I love you.

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