Atticus and Scarlett

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Wanted to share some of the images, captions, and stories from the Tiny Rescues book so we will post a new one from the book each week. 

“Well, we tried to make you coffee. It’s just that, well . . . YOU know, we are dogs. So instead we just took the jar of beans and spilled them over for you. Also, we pooped in the living room. That wasn’t part of the coffee thing but we figured since we are sharing things we would just get that out of the way.” — Atticus and Scarlett

Atticus opened my eyes to the world of rescue pups and the sheer happiness a dog can possess. He sat in the shelter for three weeks before I came along. My sassy scruff nugget was five years old and ready to go home. I didn’t care about age and found my heart dog in a scruffy mutt with more sass than you could ever imagine. He is perfect little gentleman that isn’t afraid to assert his opinion. His zest for life is contagious and the way he approaches every day with a smile is inspiring. He never fails to make me smile when I need it most.

Scarlett came home six months after Atticus. I saw her picture on the Bradshaw website and knew she was mine. I met her and was signing the paperwork twenty minutes later! She had so much love in her sad eyes, and I couldn’t refuse. Scarlett challenges me daily to be a better human. She has her difficulties, as any adult shelter dog will, but together we are overcoming them all. A man at the park recently commented on our connection and her adoration. Scarlett always knew where I was and stayed close naturally. He was impressed and surprised she’s only been home 8 months. It warmed my heart to know her trust and love was that apparent! Scarlett is slow to trust, but once she lets you in, watch out. Her smile can light up a room!

From the beginning, we’ve been a family.

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Bradshaw Animal Shelter is Sacramento County’s shelter. They serve the entire county and get animals of all sorts every day. You can find them on Instagram (@bradshawshelter) and Facebook (@SacCountyAnimalCare).

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